• Inlay for Underworlds - MDF

This is an inlay that can be placed in de Underworlds boxes, it will fith in the boxes of all 3 seasons.

The inlay has place for all the tokens, and dice of the two base sets. It offers room to at least two warbands. It is also designed to fit Moloch!

The space to place the decks is large enough so that you can have card sleeves around your cards without any problems. 

On top of the inlay you can fit your boards, the design is so that your boards are fixed inside so that they can't move and damage your models.

You can secure your models with some foam, or magnets: (glue a magnet under the model; attach some metal, like washers or a small plate, et voila).

The MDF inlay requires no glue!

Inlay for Underworlds - MDF

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